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Part Time Independent Jobs And You

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The Best Independent Part-Time Jobs

In today’s tough economy, even people who are employed need to find additional ways to make some extra money. Instead of filling out an online job application and waiting around to hear about a second job or seasonal job, many are finding ways to create their own part-time jobs especially teens. This is a great alternative which allows working people to be independent and still make a bit of extra money. If you want to try the traditional online job application, here is a good start.

Many people think of babysitting as something that only teenagers do but it is a great option for those who need a bit of extra cash. Many parents prefer to hire responsible adults rather than teenagers, especially those who have children of their own. The going rate for a babysitter today is usually around ten to twenty dollars per hour it all depends, but adults can ask for more if they are willing to drive the children to practices or appointments.

Today, there are many people who make some extra money by selling items they do not need any more in online auctions, like eBay. Someone who has been particularly successful with this could set up a part-time business doing it for other people as well, maybe you have seen some consignment stores in your area. Many people have things to sell but do not want to take the time to do it, and they will gladly pay a percentage of their profits to the person who takes care of the transaction for them.

If someone is looking for a bit more structure in their part-time work, they may want to consider working for a company that allows employees to work independently. There are many companies that hire independent sales representatives, this allows you to set up your own schedule and work flexible hours that work for you.  For example, someone could sell cookware or makeup in their spare time to make some extra money and maybe even get a discount on their favorite products while they sell for their favorite company.

Looking for part-time jobs is often a hassle, and many people would rather avoid it completely. The Internet is a great tool to use when searching for them and can cut out some of that hassle. If a little extra money would be nice, there are many ways to make money independently and on a flexible schedule. Casual employment such as babysitting can be lucrative, as well as selling things online or becoming an independent sales representative. If this is what you want to do, I have a good online job application center that you can explore in and hopefully find your job online. If this works for you I would love to hear about it. Drop me a note and let me know your success. Begin the online job application process today.

Start A Career As A Pharmacy Tech

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We have heard the term before, Americans are resilient. True enough, resilient and resourceful, through all types of situations. The pharmacy technical jobs, are ways to make the recession practically disappear in your life. With many places allowing us to yearn employment in this field, jobs within companies like the CVS and their job application, or the Walmart application, and of course there is the Target pharmacies just to name a few.

Why is the pharmacy tech job a sensible career? Well for one the pay is pretty good, especially if you have had your share of the minimum wage. You have to realize though that this is not an entry level position, and you do have to put some effort into getting certified, it does not equate to the studying and hard work of say a law degree or a doctor’s degree. Of course, the money is not on that level either. But for some of the technical schools out there that offer a degree in the area of pharmaceuticals, there is also a nice allotted some of money that has stemmed from that good old U.S. bailout money, this money has channeled its way into many of these trade or technical schools, and is yours for the taking, so long as the studying part of the equation is met, and most of these schools will get you to sign to a commitment of some sort.

The pharmacy tech job, is technical in nature and it would require you to complete the levels of training before the certificates are issued, not unlike any other trade or technical school. But it is rewarding in the sense that, it is not a job like a tire threader, not meaning to insult that trade. Is the job rewarding? Yes, it is. Additionally with all the constant talk of the President’s health reform, you know that in there somewhere, is the fixation of the medical field and the pharmaceutical field. Once you are certified in the pharmacy tech job, most of these institutions that offer these trade certificates and degrees, will also assist you in the placement of a job in the field. As always I would like to thank you for reading, and I wish you much success in all your future employment endeavors.

The Hiring Center Presents Job Search Websites

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The Top Sites Helping You Find Local Jobs Fast

The unemployment rate is as high as ever, but thankfully many of the part-time jobs that have been around since the beginning of time are still available. But the fact remains that with so many job search websites to choose from how do you know where the value lies? Sure you want to use your time wisely and know which companies offer the best services for finding local jobs? But after having researched dozens and dozens of sites I can tell you with complete confidence that I have narrowed them down to just a handful.

As I present these to you, here are the “Top sites” that will help you find local jobs fast. Everything included. From the McDonald’s application online to a job book-keeping. Everything and anything you can think of applying for. They have it. I would not pick and choose one, I would use them all. In order to effectively search for a job, you have to use all of the tools available to you.

As I list these, I list them in no particular order and I have watched each and everyone of these be incredibly resourceful to people that have used these sites to their advantage and gained employment. The job seeker needs to take a look at each of these sites every couple of days as updates on new opportunities are posted regularly, for the most part they will all email updates, but with so much spam on the web these days, you have to make sure they do not get snagged in your filter as spam.


  • – One of the leaders and one of the largest. Everything from the job at McDonald’s to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Jiffy Lube, Kohl’s and so many others.


  • Job.Com – This company was getting rave reviews a few short months ago, but of late they seem to offer less information to the publisher. I would still use them, and I still promote them. They line of communications is good, and they are still a force in the job market.
  • – This company is primarily for part-time or hourly positions and there are other positions on here as well. Their popularity has really grown over the years. Today they are considered by many to be one of the top resources for finding part-time jobs and hourly jobs in your area. Using these online job services to supplement your attempts at landing a job is much better than taking your business to places like where transactions of late have become somewhat dangerous. Working hard online to land a part-time or full-time job is the best way to enhance your possibilities of getting hired.

I hope you enjoy this overview and the links that I provided you with to begin your job search today. The problem is not many people know about them and they are often overshadowed by the bigger job Boards which are essentially a waste of time.  If you felt this information was valuable and would like to learn more on how to get a job fast today please like us on face book and let us know it. Thanks for reading.