The Exam For Police Officer Jobs

The Exam For Police Officer Jobs

Police Officer Jobs

The job you always wanted to do, but there was always someone saying something negative about it. Mom, did want her son to be a police officer. The almighty dangerous job, the ungrateful job, the thank less job. You name it, just attach it. I wanted to talk to you about the exam for police officer jobs, because it is a job you want to do anyone, and hey it is a good job! The perks are many, and you’ve probably seen jobs being posted by the local police department in your town or city of late. Tough times or not, there seems to be more and more government funding for these law enforcement jobs and in general positions that are public employees, like fire fighters as well. Have you ever wondered if you could get a job as a cop, or firefighter?

Being a police man, means that more than likely, the benefits are good but the process of getting hired is another story.  You have to jump through a lot of hoops to demonstrate that, not only are you sane, but that you can perform your duties competently in the midst of some of the most horrific situations, everything from shooting, murder, to traffic stops, and yes even containing a dog. Cops do it all. So how do they know that you have what it takes to do the job? Well there are many different tools for figuring out how to do this job. Getting through an exam that is designed to make you fail but with good reason, just be prepared.

What Percentage Of The Applicants Will Get Hired As A Police Officer?

Well an estimated 70% of people will fail at it, so that doesn’t put the odds in your favor, but let’s face it people get hired everyday as a cop, and I am here to tell you that it all boils down to you. Do you have what it takes to become a cop? Can you dig down and pass all of the agility test, and the written exams? Whether or not you will make it, really is all based upon how long you have mentally and physically prepared yourself for this job. If you think its just applying for a job online, getting into the police academy and that is it. Boy are you wasting your time. I’m going to talk about the exam for police officer jobs and try to give you an advantage, if you feel that this is the job that you really want to make a career.

The funny thing about this exam is that you will need to prepare yourself mentally and physically because any one part of it, can get you off of the training squad at the academy. They grade you on things they don’t tell you about all of the time, and even though the exams are given right from lectures and guide books, many of the stuff that you will hear from classroom session to session will be part of future exams. For example, as an officer you’re going to have to write a lot of reports and be thorough and precise. Everything you do needs to be written down and has to be up to a specific standard because a judge may have to view it as well as the public. So the police report has moved away from the old style of writing in police jargon. These days just about anything will be pulled as part of a public records request, so the writing has to be able to be understood by any non-police citizen.

The Police Academy

They will actually grade you on your writing skills, shooting skills, athletic skills, driving skills and so many more. If you expect to pass, you better take your time and make sure you do it right and study hard. They also give very riddle like questions that require you to follow through twists and turns, just getting through the psychological exam is testing enough. It seems odd, but they want to see that you have the logical side of the brain to follow through and demonstrate you understand and will act in a manner that is the correct protocol. Again the purpose of this article is not to sway you from applying for this job, but rather to educate you and let you know that it will be tough, but again anything worth getting is always tough.

The exam for police officer jobs isn’t designed to be a measurement of aptitude, like you’d expect from any other type of testing, instead they combine many different qualities, skills, and critical thinking areas to be successful as a police officer. This is simply the process of filtering out good applicants from the bad, bad meaning people that they believe will not be able to handle the police officer daily activity. The fact is that most people not able to handle this and will fail. You need to put in the necessary study time to put yourself ahead of the competition and assure yourself that this is something you can succeed in.