The Hiring Center For Teens

Each day more and more teenagers are seeking employment, looking into the globe of the hiring center for teens is something that happens with more and more frequency.  The main reason is that teens have to go out and assist their parents with bills in the home.  Where an adult may have difficulty gaining employment, sometimes certain doors open up for teens. The teenager should be able to manage a part-time job along with school work. If they don’t do a good job with their school work, then parents may have to not allow them to continue their part-time jobs, the main reason is I speak from experience. I was able to get a taste of money at the age of 17 and ended up not continuing on to community college, I ended up paying that price later in life as I found myself going to college with 17 and 18 year old teens, and I was an uncomfortable 28.

However, if they do satisfy their parents and school work, there is the real possibility that the teen can make a nice living and even help out the parents at home, while learning how to deal with customers, managers, and the responsibilities of a part-time job. When employed, the teenager should be able to prevent serious errors in judgment, and be responsible and learn to work in a setting with adults, and other teens. Teenagers should be willing to work long hours to establish themselves as hard workers. They must be truly determined and dedicated to establish themselves and run a small portion of their own lives.

Here are some of the businesses that easily hire teenagers!

  • For McDonalds fill out the McDonalds application
  • The Burger King application will land you the Burger King job
  • Lowe’s online job application
  • The Home Depot online job applications
  • Winn Dixie, Publix, Kroger’s
  • Part-time office help at local elementaries and middle schools
  • Lawn services (be responsible and borrow your father’s equipment, but up-keep is paramount)
  • Walgreens online hiring center
  • Walmart hiring center

As I mentioned above, there is always some type of lawn work that has to be done. In the Fall and Winter there is planting for the spring season, raking leaves, and shoveling snow. All of these are sources that you can seek in order to make some money, if you do not want to work a standard part-time job.  Also in the Spring and Summer there is weed control and cutting grass. There are many adults who have a busy lifestyle because they work more than one job and seldom have the time to really take good care of their cars. The teenager can provide a monthly or weekly service of vacuuming, waxing, and washing a customers vehicle. There are many car washes that are mobile, and this can be done in your neighborhood without having the added expense of driving or fuel.

People that often vacation need services that require sitting and walking pets,if the teenager is good at using the Internet and computers they may be able to offering tutoring services to adults who are not computer or Internet literate. I know that most of the questions that I have, my teenage son answers them for me. Hence a good creative way to earn some money. Teenagers that drive and have their own car, can offer a delivery service or become errand messengers. Most of these jobs can work in large cities where most of the people use public transportation since the times are busy and people will need help with all sorts of deliveries. If you are creative you can basically come up with a bunch of ideas that stray off of the usual job applications and places of employment.  Be creative and find your area and become an expert at it.  The money will always be there.